Cookie policy

Cookie policy

§ 1
Cookie files

Cookies are small text based files that are being sent by our website to Your electronic device to store information about Your preferences. Cookies do not include personal data. By using our website You consent to the use of cookies. However at any time You can delete cookies from Your device. You may also change browser settings to disable saving cookies from our website.

§ 2
The purpose of using cookies

The use of cookies allows us to adjust the view and settings of our website to the settings of the device that you use to access websites online.

§ 3
Types of cookies

We use two types of cookies:

  • session files – temporary files which are being stored by Your browser while You are using our site
  • persistent files – files which are being stored in Your electronic device, but they can be deleted at any time

§ 4
How to delete cookies

You can delete saved cookies or change how they are being saved in Your device memory a tany given moment. You cen delete cookies in settings panel of Your browser. If You do not agree for cookies to be saved, we ask you to change Your browser settings. We would also like to inform You, that limiting or disabling cookies may have an effect on the way our sit eis being displayed on Your device.