The creative process is inextricably linked with making choices. It is not as obvious as the choice of motifs or media, but about a decision that is of fundamental importance to the artist and his work, answering the question of whether to still explore a well-known and controlled area of activity, or rather to give up the feeling of security, and, trusting one’s intuition, set off into the unknown?
In my art, I like to whisper. Being able to express strong content in a subtle way without screaming, is a challenge for me. A test to prove my own talent. I try to get the most out of the media I use, by looking for new ways to use them.
I like to create a series of artworks, to look closely at what was created and develop this experience into the next composition. During my thirty years of working as an artist, I have used various painting techniques, but in recent years I have created pictures almost exclusively using oil pastels and paper.
However, whatever I might say about my working methods, tools, or means of expression, are only a pretext, in trying to find truth and beauty.

Janusz Kokot


The creative process goes hand in hand with making choices. It is not as obvious as the choice of media or motifs, but about making decisions that are fundamental for the artist and his work. The first question that must be answered is whether to continue to exploit a known and controlled area of activity, or rather to give up the feeling of security and being led by intuition, go into the unknown. From the time of my high school studies, my attention was drawn to realistic painting. My greatest idols were Malczewski, Gierymski and other Polish painters of the late 19th century. When the opportunity to travel around European museums appeared, I always spent the most time in the halls with works by Rembrandt Goya and Repin. The fascination with the work of the great Masters over three decades was reflected in my artistic activity, but a couple of years ago during a few months of studying the landscape, there was a definite shift in my interests in the field of abstract art. In 2013 I prepared a series of works entitled ‘HORIZON’ where the general motif was a horizontal line.  The artworks presenting in the Gallery in Gorzów contains several drawings from this previous cycle and compositions created during my four-year stay in Africa. The medium used in these works is oil pastels and I think you can find in them both a negative and a positive answer to the question contained above. I have entitled it ‘BEYOND THE HORIZON’ as an expression of longing for crossing borders and discovering the unknown….. in myself. 

Janusz Kokot